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  • Yoga Classes

    Yoga plays a crucial role in our rehabilitation program, offering a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. Yoga classes provide a space for individuals to reconnect with their bodies, manage stress, and cultivate mindfulness. The practice of yoga can be a powerful tool for developing self-discipline and promoting a healthy lifestyle, essential components of long-term recovery.

    Group Class

    Group classes cover a range of educational and therapeutic topics related to addiction and recovery. These sessions provide valuable information, tools, and coping strategies to help individuals understand the nature of their addiction and develop skills for maintaining sobriety. Group classes also encourage participants to support each other’s learning and personal growth.

    Indoor games

    Engaging in indoor games is not only a source of entertainment but also a valuable tool for rehabilitation. Games promote social interaction, teamwork, and healthy competition, contributing to the development of interpersonal skills. Additionally, they offer a positive outlet for stress and anxiety, aiding in the overall emotional well-being of individuals undergoing recovery.

    Group Counseling

    Group counseling is a fundamental component of our rehabilitation program. It provides a supportive space where individuals with similar challenges can share experiences, offer mutual encouragement, and learn from each other. Facilitated by experienced therapists, these sessions foster a sense of community and connection, essential for breaking the isolation often associated with addiction.